6 Tips On How To Get A Cheap iPhone

The advent of technology has seen the emergence of great technological pieces and one of such piece is the iphone. The apple iPhone is a revolutionary piece of technology that combines a host of features in a single gadget. Apple has produced several iPhone models over the years, the latest being the iPhone 5. Due to the technology involved in its production, the price of an iphone is a little bit on the high end making this product inaccessible to many people. However, you should not despair, as there are various techniques that you can use to acquire an Apple iPhone at a subsidized cost. The following is an overview of some of the methods that can be used to acquire a cheap iphone.

Using Online Auction Sites To Get A Cheap iPhone

This is considered as the best method you can use to acquire an iPhone at a subsidized rate. There is a host of online auction sites through which you can acquire a mixture of new or used iPhones at a discount price. The range of iPhones found on these sites include pre-jail broken iPhones that accept applications not distributed through Apples iTunes store and unlocked iPhones that have the capacity to accept SIM cards from any cellular networks.

On these sites, you have the chance to make discounted fix rate purchase or bid for the iPhone. As a rule, you should only make payments through the auction site so as to shield yourself from rogue sellers.

Search For Refurbished iPhones

Cheap iPhonesGoing for a refurbished phone is another way through which you can acquire a cheap iphone. Basically, refurbished iPhones are iphones that had been previously sold but due to some defect covered by their warranty, were returned by a consumer. These iphones are usually returned to the factory, repaired and then re-sold at subsidized rates. Refurbished iPhones are significantly cheaper when compared to new iPhones and are available in Apple stores and other Apple certified retail outlets.

Purchase A Previous Model

While this might seem as a bad idea, the technology incorporated in the design of iphones is advanced to an extent that, previous iPhone models are not considered as being technologically obsolete. With the introduction of iPhone 5, iPhone 4 sales have gone down significantly since most consumers are going for the iPhone 5. As such, the iPhone 4 is fast approaching the “dead stock ” status. This has made retailers to subsidize the cost of the iPhone 4 so as to move stock.

Participate In Apple’s Recycle Program

Participating in apple recycle program is another way through which you can get a cheap iPhone. In this program, the Apple Corporation accepts previous iPhone models and any other Apple products you may no longer be using. In return, the Apple Corporation will provide you a gift card for the present value of the item returned, you can then use this gift card to purchase a new iPhone. Alternatively, if the iPhone you wish to purchase has a higher value than that of the gift card, you can top up the amount using cash.

Company Discount Plans

In some instances, employers provide their employees with the latest cell phone technology provided that it can help to improve their work productivity.

This is usually the case in a majority of IT and technology oriented companies that require the use of modern telecommunication gadgets that have additional features. While doing this, the company might provide discount plans for the purchase of phones whereby, it pays a certain percentage of the actual cost. By using such a plan to purchase an iPhone, you are assured of getting a cheap iphone.

Break Your iPhone Contract

As a rule, wireless carriers significantly subsidize cost of new iPhones for people who sign up for initial contracts. By breaking your pre-existing contract and signing up for a new contract while purchasing the latest iPhone model, you will get the new iphone at a subsidized rate. The reason behind this is that, most wireless carrier companies offer repeat customers subsidies in an attempt to develop good customer relations.

Conclusion: By using the above-stated techniques when purchasing an iPhone, you are assured of getting a cheap iPhone.